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Sacred Jamaican Detox and Plant Medicine 11 Day June Retreat 2024: My Bring Home Messages

  My main takeaway from the Sacred June 11 Day Retreat in Jamaica 2024, organized by Vibezinternational, is " The spark of the divine lives within all of us 💫." When you take the time to unplug from your busy mind and immerse yourself in a natural landscape such as the ocean, jungle, forest, or cave without any outside stimulation other than the sounds of nature, that light has the opportunity to grow inside you and shine bright and to illuminate your path. Eating the purest local fruits and vegetables and selecting sacred plants from the Amazon Rainforest, unplugging from all electronics,  with the backdrop of St. Elizabeth Jamaica, my light grew exponentially; the key is how to keep it shining in the dense area of Greater Washington DC. 🌞🌞 Each of us is a spark of the divine light; some of us, based on devotional practices from our past lives and, more importantly, this life, have a more significant light that shines through to the world, making a real positive differen