Sacred Jamaican Detox and Plant Medicine 11 Day June Retreat 2024: My Bring Home Messages

  My main takeaway from the Sacred June 11 Day Retreat in Jamaica 2024, organized by Vibezinternational, is "The spark of the divine lives within all of us πŸ’«." When you take the time to unplug from your busy mind and immerse yourself in a natural landscape such as the ocean, jungle, forest, or cave without any outside stimulation other than the sounds of nature, that light has the opportunity to grow inside you and shine bright and to illuminate your path. Eating the purest local fruits and vegetables and selecting sacred plants from the Amazon Rainforest, unplugging from all electronics,  with the backdrop of St. Elizabeth Jamaica, my light grew exponentially; the key is how to keep it shining in the dense area of Greater Washington DC. 🌞🌞

Each of us is a spark of the divine light; some of us, based on devotional practices from our past lives and, more importantly, this life, have a more significant light that shines through to the world, making a real positive difference. My inner light is beautifully brilliant for all to see again. Many, including myself, were born with a magnitude of light, empathy, and compassion. Still, the light dimmed as shadow forces, outside criticisms, and infractions started infringing on our souls and core light bodies over time. These time-outs are imperative to upgrade our operating system and reboot, so to speak, with the supreme light of the Great Spirit being our divine guide who dwells within and the very fabric of all elements of nature; we all are a spark of the divine incarnated to know itself better, to experience life through the lens of a human. 

We are living in an epic time of massive global shifts into a world that recognizes we are one human family; however, before that can happen, we must SEE the enormous destruction, enslavement, and poisoning of ourselves and Gaia that has been taking place for the past hundreds of years,  we can purge it out violently or release it gently the choice is yours. Then, we must reconcile with the shadow part of ourselves and collective crimes against humanity to build a platform for the New Earth🌍  consciousness to thrive. 

Therefore, when I embarked on a journey to detox my body, mind, and spirit using sacred plants from the Amazon Rainforest brewed,  ingested, and sung to for millennia by our Indigenous ancestors, plus eating fresh fruits right off the tree without having to travel miles to be stocked on my local market shelf but served by a real vegan Rastafarians Chef from Jamaica, some picked on the property that day, Rasta believes in livity or life energy, which translates into eating the freshest, living, natural food possible and not eating meat, which is considered dead food; it turns the body into a cemetery, basically dense meat, processed food gets you to the grave faster. You can feel that in their vibrancy and taste the love in our daily food served. Even the simple coconut porridge was delightful, easy on the digestive system, and full of healthy fats. The result is I glow brighter, sharing a tiny bit of sunshine wherever I go. 

The more I heal, the more the entire world heals. After cleansing, detoxing, and visioning, my energy impacts my family, neighbors, and anyone I encounter daily, from my customers to the friendly faces at the weekly farmers market in my neighborhood and the cashier at MOM's.  

Lessons from Noya Rao Tree, the iridescent leaf tree master plant teacher who grows deep in the Amazon basin: connect with heart and mind, be transparent and peaceful, and stand tall. Stand still, observe, and do not interject your opinion or offer help unless asked. Clear any negative thoughts about anyone, do not project onto others, plus stop all gossip. Remember to be silent and speak only kind, loving, and caring words. All these words, starting with the letter S, are qualities I am to develop that flooded my consciousness once I drank the bark of this particular tree, such as solid, silent, strong, secure, shining, stealthy, sacred, surefooted, smart, and swaying when the big storms come. 

 My integration process so far has been smooth; I was just seven days back in Reston, VA, when I was writing this blog. Fortunately, I live on the top floor of a condo with a view of trees, a balcony covered with edible herbs, sea shells, and crystals, and only the sounds of birds singing most of the time. My only venture out has been to walk a neighbor's dog on a quiet wooded path and two trips to My Organic Market to get coconut water to simulate the same diet while on retreat. I even made my first Jamaican cornmeal coconut porridge for breakfast; wow, it went down so smoothly. I added just enough homemade condensed coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg, all organic. Jamaican porridge will be my new stable breakfast for now; it reminds me of my grandmother Ida Goldburn, who was from Port Maria, Jamaica, and came to Boston when she was just 18 to start her married life, giving birth to 5 children, including my mother. Mama Ida was the sweetest one in the family; only fond childhood memories of her. I felt her presence and other of my Jamaican ancestors during sacred silences during the ceremony, whispering guidance, plus rejoicing in the powerful inner work we all were doing together that week. We did not make it to Treasure Beach; however, golden nuggets of wisdom, truths, and serenity filled my heartπŸ’– and will remain with me forever. As time passes, I will share more of my reconnection with the ancestors, detox, and sacred plant medicine retreat insights in blog form for anyone interested. 

Sacred Sincere Sign Off For Now,

Beverly L Nickerson, Sensitive, Sea Shell Reader 🐚, Sacred Journeys On The Shamanic Path. 


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