My Cat Aphrodite Transition

APHRODITE 💘 Farewell to my furry friend from the woods behind my home, Aphrodite, who followed me home about seven years after leaving the Community Center For Wholistic Healing service. While walking one night from CCWH,  I  noticed a bright orange American Short Hair Cat on the path behind me; she boldly walked up to my 3rd-floor condo and planted herself there until 3 am, meowing and patiently waiting for me to let her in. There was an instant recognition; later, knowing she had been my companion in a past life, I opened my door and gave her a much-needed meal. You see, she had escaped from a cat hoarding situation and decided living in the woods, catching some mice, and drinking from the small stream was better than living in that overcrowded, unhealthy conditions in the darkness.   Aphrodite was a fighter and a lover! She escaped and found her way back to me!  I immediately named her Aphrodite, after the Goddess of Love 💗, in which she lived up to her name, sharing love with any

The Poison of Perfectionism Leads To Procrastination

 The Poison of Perfectionism leads to  Procrastination, and the time is NOW to carry out your special soul mission! Put on your eco-friendly boots and get moving! Have you ever been distracted by incoming new Instagram posts, DM's, and YouTube videos? Instead of working on your unique soul mission to help uplift the planet during the birthing of the New Earth. Maybe your soul contract for this lifetime is tied to your holistic business. Have you procrastinated in putting together your business plan because it is not perfect yet? Many of us have been using excuses lately not to create content and step out on the world stage to promote our unique gifts. Your gift will help many souls still suffering from isolation, mental sickness, and fear from past isolation of the past two years. I, too, fall into that category! Spiritual Coaching, Shell Reading, and designing Sacred Retreats have been on hold since I got back from Costa Rica at the beginning of March. The gravity of my assignment