My Cat Aphrodite Transition


Farewell to my furry friend from the woods behind my home, Aphrodite, who followed me home about seven years after leaving the Community Center For Wholistic Healing service. While walking one night from CCWH,  I  noticed a bright orange American Short Hair Cat on the path behind me; she boldly walked up to my 3rd-floor condo and planted herself there until 3 am, meowing and patiently waiting for me to let her in. There was an instant recognition; later, knowing she had been my companion in a past life, I opened my door and gave her a much-needed meal. You see, she had escaped from a cat hoarding situation and decided living in the woods, catching some mice, and drinking from the small stream was better than living in that overcrowded, unhealthy conditions in the darkness.   Aphrodite was a fighter and a lover! She escaped and found her way back to me! 

I immediately named her Aphrodite, after the Goddess of Love 💗, in which she lived up to her name, sharing love with anyone who stopped by my place. Aphrodite enjoyed helping with shamanic energy healings, sound baths, and massages if the participant was open to her laying next to them or on top of their heart chakra while getting a treatment. If you spent the night, she was more than happy to snuggle with you and loved to join my Zoom yoga classes. Her favorite pastime was to chill on the balcony in the warmer months and drink the water in the bowl I used to cleanse my crystals. Yes, she was a mystical cat reincarnated from the temples of ancient Kemet! Aphrodite was also a warrior, for she had to survive some time in the woods hunting before she found me, and those hunting skills rid my home of the one mouse that dared to crawl in through my fireplace, never to return, yes Aphrodite caught her with her stealthy skills, and enjoyed the hunt. For those that dared to play fight, ugh, you may leave with a scratch, for she was skilled in battle, which some of my son's male friends soon learned. Even with me, if I tried to put medicine in her ears or cut her nails, look out. She came out swinging, so wrapping her in a towel was necessary. 

 Great Spirit made sure I was home on Aphrodite's last day on the planet; you see, I often say at other people's homes to take care of their dogs or cats while they travel, but I pop in at least once per day to see my baby for a couple of hours. However, this week, I was home with her every day and noticed she was more demonstrative in her love, even reaching out with her paw to touch my face or sleeping across my belly. Noticing her breathing even more labored on her last day, I initially thought it was because of the air quality report warning for those with a sensitive breathing system from the smoke from Canada that had blown in, and this was Thursday, June  29, 2023. She spent that day, as usual, on the balcony basking in the sun and drinking her crystal-infused water. 

For months we had been working with the best holistic and regular veterinarians in the area to flush out this chronic sinus infection that sometimes presented as sneezing blood with a runny nose for months. The remedies would work for a while, and I  thought she was clear. She was sneezing a bit of blood again, and the vets would prescribe antibiotics, homeopathy, and some of my Amazon herbs from my medicine cabinet to meditate the symptoms. Ultimately it must have been a slow-growing tumor in her nasal cavity that created havoc in one final day. 

On Thursday, June 29th, I rushed her to the Emergency Vet after I heard her thrashing under my bed; it appeared she had a seizure and was breathing rapidly. The energy healing I performed calmed her down. Still, I knew this was her final day with me in this body, so she willingly got into the cat carrier, and off to the emergency after-hours veterinarian we went! 

Never been to Emergency Vet in Falls Church, VA, but the staff was fantastic; as soon as I said I felt Aphrodite was passing over, the team surrounded me, put her into an oxygen chamber, and the head vet of staff gave me as much time as I needed in a private candlelit room to bond with my little kitty friend of 7 years in this life until I decided for the euthanasia solution to placed in. Maybe thirty minutes later, after talking gently and holding her, I gave them the ok to put in the medicine to numb her so she does not feel a thing and then the drug to stop her little heart from beating in this lifetime. The process was less than one minute. Poof, her soul rose to the next dimension, and there was absolute silence in the room; 🐦 now she flew to a higher dimension, the spirit realm, and the body was shed. 

The next journey for Aphrodite has begun and now is my time to heal and look at the next steps for me. All my cats have just followed me home, or a neighbor has asked me if I could take their cat for they were losing their place to live; that was the case with Ariel, Aphrodite's predecessor. Ariel and Aphrodite are now frolicking in the meadow up above, in which I will see them again when my time to leave this vessel called Beverly and the journey of the life beyond begins. Or Aphrodite and Ariel will occasionally visit me in their etheric bodies when I most require their presence on this earthly plane. 

In conclusion, the timing of Aphrodite's passing was impeccable, for I just finished Maribeth Coye Deckers' animal communication course " UConnect Sacred Grove Training" with a certification in animal communication. I just started reading her book " Peace In Passing," second edition. The story of Aphrodite was included in her first book, the story of how an animal reincarnates and comes back to you in many lifetimes, and they can even change species so a cat can become a dog and so forth, the Soul that stays the same. Comfort for loving humans during Animal transitions; her book is soothing to my soul.  So I am now a certified animal communicator, hoping my skills will improve to the point that I can help others going through this tough decision to put their pet to sleep or when their beloved pet passes over without warning.  The owners can hear it is the right time for their animal and are ready to walk across the rainbow bridge after learning some animal communication skills from Maribeth, just about trusting our instincts. So happy I did that course just a mere few weeks ago, and now more prepared to move forward, taking it moment by moment.  Peace to all who have had a precious pet transition. It's a process; take it day by day! If out of the corner of your eye, you see them or feel a light touch on your face the way they used to, yes, it is them coming in spirit to say hello! 


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