The Poison of Perfectionism Leads To Procrastination

 The Poison of Perfectionism leads to  Procrastination, and the time is NOW to carry out your special soul mission! Put on your eco-friendly boots and get moving! Have you ever been distracted by incoming new Instagram posts, DM's, and YouTube videos? Instead of working on your unique soul mission to help uplift the planet during the birthing of the New Earth. Maybe your soul contract for this lifetime is tied to your holistic business. Have you procrastinated in putting together your business plan because it is not perfect yet? Many of us have been using excuses lately not to create content and step out on the world stage to promote our unique gifts. Your gift will help many souls still suffering from isolation, mental sickness, and fear from past isolation of the past two years. I, too, fall into that category! Spiritual Coaching, Shell Reading, and designing Sacred Retreats have been on hold since I got back from Costa Rica at the beginning of March. The gravity of my assignment in the midst of what is happening worldwide hit me like many meteorites! Here are some of the not so clever excuses I have been using lately.   I need a better microphone to create a new Youtube. The lighting is not quite right to make an  Instagram Live,  or I can not find my blog link; I forgot how to record the message on my fancy camera and then upload it later. Is it happening to you too? Now for many of us who choose to come here during the shift in ages from Pisces to Aquarius, it is time to pull out our spiritual toolbox to overcome these excuses and move. We accepted this assignment, and many are counting on us, especially mother, Gaia. 

Can we collectively take a deep breath to push out the New Earth and ascend upwards to the 4th-dimensional vibration and also referred to as the time of the Christ Consciousness or the Oneness. We are working on loving all people worldwide irrespective of religion or race. We had a long sacred time of going inward, contemplating, visualizing, downloading, and affirming what your unique role is. After the inward journey and clearing out old familiar patterning and ancestral wounds, the next important step is to take action. Grounding first before you ascend is an essential part of the process for us so we can stay in our bodies during the shift to  Oneness.   Unconditional Love is upon us—eco-friendly boots on the ground. Also, try your bare feet in the mud or sand first, then step out onto the world stage. If you are sensitive, you may feel the intense fire under your feet! Magma of pain held deep inside Gaia for thousands of years is bubbling up to the surface to be cooled by the ocean waters and our higher consciousness.

A cool head and open heart carrying the torch of our  God-Given assignment are required now. Our soul group has an ancient blueprint coded inside us with our instructions. Some traveled from star systems far away to help lift the tragic pattern of conquering others, war, and made-up hierarchies. We empaths worldwide may struggle to place one foot in front of the other as more atrocities are being unearthed from the past. A new level of abominations is acted out and shown over every form of media, the battle for your attention. Even when we sleep, it slowly seeps in, so morning rituals are a must at this time! We are now being bombarded with negative images 24/7. All political parties, nationalities, and religions show pure altruism; let us focus on the highest humanitarian efforts displayed daily instead. Be careful of deciding who is guilty and who is innocent based on mainstream media outlets or who is good and who is bad. The slight of the hand may be at play. Are you waiting for an external deity to save you?

Not guaranteed in the Age of Aquarius, you must dive deep inside and practice meditation, mantras, yoga, breathwork, detoxes, and rebirthing more than ever now. Go back into the womb, the blackness, void even before you were born, remember your soul mission, and start acting towards it. Why did you incarnate at this time as we end age and begin a new one? The blue planet is entering the middle of the Milky Way, ending a 144,000-year cycle we are forcing to ascend with Mother Gaia! Time to face the grand galactic sun. Do you know what happens when a very bright light is turned on? Think about it in terms of your bedroom; the tiniest dust particles are exposed,  the tissues under the bed, the roaches run under the floorboards, and the rats hide in the corners. Sorry to be so graphic, but our collective shadow is up; it does not look pretty. We can only help the world if we clean up our room first, a quote from Jorden Peterson. 

Take care of your consciousness, and please take breaks from the global news, and get outside in nature as much as you can. Cleanse in a body of water or bathtub with Epson salt will do just fine! 

In essence, pull out every holistic tool you have to get your energy vibrant, balanced, and grounded. Then, take a breath and when you have enough firey positive power coursing through your veins, do your part to uplift the world into a place where there is enough for all, operating as One Loving Human Family.

 If you need assistance with getting grounded and sharing your unique gifts with the world, please call me, and we can work together. Remember, it just takes a small percentage of the population vibrating on Love to raise the vibration on our Blue Planet!

Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Coach, Shell Reader 


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